Now have you ever sat down on your couch the tv to yourself but you have NO idea what to watch then worry no more because here I will give you a guide of some really good movies and programmes to watch!! Enjoy


1: Nickelodeon
2. Disney Channel
3. PopGirl
4. E Entertain
5. ITV1

1. Wizards Of Waverly Place ( disney channel)
2. Sonny With A Chance ( disney channel)
3. Suite Life on Deck ( disney channel)
4. Good Luck Charlie ( disney channel)
5. How To Be Indie ( disney channel)
6. Shake It Up ( disney channel)
7. Victorious ( nickelodeon)
8. Big Time Rush ( nickelodeon)
9. Icarly ( nickelodeon)
10. True Jackson VP ( nickelodeon)
11. Spotlight ( popgirl)
12. Pop Party ( popgirl)
13. E news ( e entertain)
14. Keeping Up With The Kardashians ( e entertain)
15. X Factor ( ITV1)

Now the tv programme for the week is....WIZARDS OF WAVERLY PLACE!!

I hope this will help you for next time that you are watching tv.
- Website Owner: Stephanie Adu